Intro and Context

img_20170201_155029380Hi *waves*

So it’s come to this – I’m starting a blog! The suggestion that I should has drifted by in various incarnations and in various seasons. Why now? I don’t know, it just seems called for.. well, I do know actually. This is me dipping my toe into the waters of being comfortable being known by others (!). Doesn’t matter if its just one or two anonymous others, but being seen in my ‘It is what it is’ has long been a knee jerk matter of discomfort for me.

I am a South African living my life in the Netherlands. I’ve been studying Fashion Design in Amsterdam for the past 4,5 years, but this study is not why I came here. In a nutshell – I came as an au pair; wanted to stay; was convinced by my boyfriend-now-husband that I could if I studied; chose to pursue my long time dream of fashion design and eventually got into a school in Amsterdam.

I’m currently attempting my graduation semester for the second time, and looking back am grateful for the redo. Last semester I tracked my progress via Photo Booth videos, this time I want to open my process up a bit. Hold it up to the light of day and see what happens. As an artist I know that even though the end product is what’s on show, the process holds all the drama and is the unfolding display of the human. I’ve always been fascinated by us as creatures and what happens when we’re authentically creative.

So this is creative creature #1987 coming out, and wanting the world to know.



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