Saturday Shenanigans

The two biggest events of the weekend were, a museum visit and a club night. After my smoothie bowl at terribly trendy cafe, I felt full of energy and headed to Foam photography museum. I still have about 10 days left on my museum card, so I better use it. I saw the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, most impressive was his roomful of seascape photographs. Coming from a seaside town myself, oceans make me feel at home. He also had some detailed black and white wildlife photographs and really intense portraits, which I thought might be good to download from the internet and do shading exercises with.
They had a student artist too, who had one picture depicting clothes used to form a sculpture. Again, this idea of appropriating clothing for art purposes pops up. I saw it at Jean Tinguely’s exhibition at the Stedelijk museum as well.

With my last blog post I’d made a plan of action at the end. I was pleased with myself for actually having achieved it in that order. Last on the list was Go to Work. I work part time at a local cinema. What makes the place shine for me, are my colleagues. I’ve been working there for about 6 months and getting to know them has been great in surprising ways: as an expat in the Netherlands, doing an international course, with a partner whose parents are British expats themselves, I didn’t actually have much Dutch friends. Working at this cinema has given me access to Dutchies in most age groups – and it moves my Dutch along too, which is hard over here because everyone speaks English so well, so you never really have to flex that muscle.

After work one of our colleagues was having a house warming party, with the option of going clubbing after. By the time we arrived, it was clubbing time. I hadn’t been proper clubbing for ages. Since I’ve been immersed in school for the past few months, I’ve really needed every minute to work, and if I wasn’t working, sleep has been the next priority. Now, at the beginning of the semester I figured I could afford it. I’ve also really been misssing dancing! The way it works in Amsterdam, is that you have to go to gigs if you really want proper dancing, where that’s the only focus. On a regular Tuesday, the vibe here is more, go to a bar and talk, as you become increasingly drunk but have to confine your enthusiasm to the parameters of a barstool.

We went to a club called Shelter. A black cube unassumingly placed next to the side of the towering Adam building in Amsterdam North. From the centre, you always have to take the 5 minute ferry to North, which added to the drama of the evening as we sailed to the venue in the middle of the night. You have to go down a staircase into the club, which delivers you into the authoritative care of the firm but friendly bouncers just doing their job of rummaging through your things. Next you’re conveyed to the guy who takes your money (17,50!) but jokes reassuringly all the while and with whom you somehow get the feeling you have mutual friends. It would have been less confusing if they were stereotypically steely. Feeling welcome, we scurried around for coins for the lockers and duly stripped for the manufactured environment created lovingly for us. Some acclimatisation really was required since, well, we were not on pills.
What a great night it turned out to be. They really took the time to imagine who would be coming to the party every week. The anti-decor decor was followed through from the tastefully lit dancefloor right to the smokers room, which was not just a pokey hole of ostracisation, but instead was granted a spacious lounge, with seats (!). The DJs were playing techno, of course, but not every song was characterless. They really had the dancer in mind and therefore it was my time to shine! I took this rare opportunity to let out all the moves, yes all of them, even the crouching tiger hidden boxer 🙂 After much exertion, my enthusiasm ran out at about 4am. It took me another half an hour of heartfelt goodbyes before I was back on the ferry.

A thunderous hangover heralded the reality of Sunday afternoon, when I eventually opened my bleary eyes. No such thing as a free lunch, and the bill had landed on my table with an unceremonious thud! Today, Monday, I’m back on the wriggly horse and want to achieve the following.

Yoga. Meeting with teacher at school. Process books up to date (The old one and the new stuff I saw this weekend).


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