Inching along

Got enough sleep last night and was properly awake by 8:15 today. I know that’s late to many, but with a self imposed schedule that’s going in the direction of disciplined for me.

Quick recap of my day – I managed to touch base on all the things on my POA yesterday, except I didn’t quite finish the process books, I just made progress, thus the title – Inching Along. I did manage to be on time for my appointment with my teacher. I even went to yoga after that to break up the day. Only crap thing, I didn’t work when I came back. I had dinner and went straight to bed. That habit will have to change, unless I’m doing really early mornings and truly getting started at something like 7 (!). Which from this viewpoint seems insurmountable.

Unexpected bonus of yesterday’s yoga class – got paired up for partner stretching with handsome stranger, hihihi! Got home all giggly and confessed to Dan at once, as I do, haha! Bless him, for totally getting what triggers the latent girly mechanism of giggling and for chuckling right along with me. I’m a lucky girl ❤

Plan Of Action: Work on Process Books. Go outside every two hours, just quickly and see if that sustains my focus and productivity. If I finish something significant, I can go to fitness class. Also, try to swap work shift, contact Pattern Making teacher about new semester.


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