Art boobs and moonlight

Good morning 🙂 Its a bit earlier than usual. I have my first class with demon teacher today – that means its the real first day of school! It hasn’t been the first day of Fashion school until you’ve had an encounter with the devil who wears Prada. Or in this case leather aprons with matching bibs #fashion. I’m ready for the day, with its warts and all.

Quick note about yesterday’s POA. The Bnb cleaning almost ruined us for the rest of the day. Everything needed doing and our guests were expected at the earliest opportunity. We made it right in the nick of time and all was well. After that I tried to go to a gallery where there might be a bare breasted photograph of yours truly (!). I did a topless shoot once, not in an erotic way, and the photographer invited me to the opening of a gallery where I assume one of the shots is hung. Was so excited! So I cycled all the way over there, but i was closed, info to the contrary online. I will try again. Since I’m now in the inspiration phase, there’ll be much more gallery tripping. I ended up going to a friend instead and later that evening joined Dan at the cinema to see Moonlight. It was absolutely worthwhile catching it on the big screen and I hope to do a review when next I have time. Maybe I’ll put it under ‘Inspiration in my new Process Book.

Gotta go, wish me luck 🙂


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