Weekend Progress

It’s Monday morning, I get to write my blog post, and to be honest I’ve missed you. I’m glad I’m getting into a habit of regular writing. This weekend I’ve also started practising another atrophying muscle – my drawing skills. Drawing, like writing, is one of the things that come naturally to me but when out of practise, it takes a while getting back to fluidity.

But lets start from where I left off – Friday. Friday was the day I was going to see my devil teacher for the first time after that fateful day of failing last semester. It was every bit as draining as I anticipated. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I felt in some way supported as a student by this teacher. But I have multiple reasons to not feel like support is on the menu with this guy. How to describe him? He is like a corrupt politician, in the way that he has a mask for the masses, is a charismatic liar, and has a self serving agenda behind it all. It took me a good chunk of the weekend to get rid of the bile under my tongue from his class.

An evening out with some friends went a long way to help with that. Cycling around a snowy Amsterdam, hopping from bar to bar, having my first snowball fight on the way home, was exactly what the doctor ordered. The next morning me and my hangover had a date with drawing at a live drawing class, which I got from a thoughtful friend for my birthday. Like I mentioned before, it took a while to get into to it since I never take the time to fit drawing into my schedule. And since I’m planning to make my handwriting a feature in my new project, this needed to happen. The teacher was surprised at my development from the first drawing to the last. The difference was like a misshapen embryo compared to a new born. I was surprised by how much it felt like work! Next time I will make sure to have had breakfast before I go.

I have to run! The rest of the day was spent meeting some girls from school and over coffee discussing the way forward for each of us. That Friday class left not only me in a bit of a tailspin. After which, a closing shift at he cinema delivered me into the early hours of Sunday morning. The rest of Sunday was a forced day of rest. Dan and I cooked a massive English breakfast and spent the rest of the day in a food coma and each other’s presence. For some underlying reason I had intense anxiety all through yesterday and even counting all my blessings didn’t vanquish it. An early night was the only real answer and look at me now! Finishing blog posts before 8:30!

POA: Go to Yoga, Got to school for meeting with process coach, plan museum visits for and rest of week, start on new process book.


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