Thursday evening is here and the week has flown by. Its been jam packed with  a whirlwind of inspiration swirling thoughts. I still haven’t documented it all in a process book, which indicates that I need to schedule it in more reasonably.

I’ve just returned from an after school drinks date with some girls from school. Its been a full day, kicked off with class in the morning and museum visits in the afternoon. I’d never been to the Rijksmuseum before, so I was at first overwhelmed by the richness of skill that the Dutch masters had the luxury of developing. At the same time I couldn’t help but feel the latent tremors of oppressive undertones, which facilitated the extortionate golden age. Though done with admirable skill, canvas after canvas of red faced prancers in the finest of finery started to look more and more like modern day gangsters dripping in All Gold Everything. The sentiment of which, Lil Wayne so aptly summarised with the line, “Look at you… now look at us… all my niggas look rich as fuck”. Maar echt. Anyhow, tomorrow I’m going back there, since I actually went there today for a specific exhibition called, Goede Hoop, which will explore the centuries old relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands.

After that we had an evening of presentations organised by the school. Two recent graduates as well as a successful collective of designers who graduated from a school in Den Haag. Having been at school for a while longer, I knew the two speakers and went for a drink with them after the presentation. They gave me so much hope regarding finding my own way through this graduation project. Of course they also asked about my plans of approach for graduation, and as I told them my yet unformed story, I registered their confusion and it was nice to notice in myself that I still believed regardless. I saw their doubt but managed to keep mine in check, which is leaps and bounds in terms of progress for me. Something about the talks with positive teachers in the last few days, as well as being around people who have had success despite struggling, is restoring my faith – which I’m going to need. Self belief is the barrier here, but in moments like these I’m able to realise how there’s not really much else in my way, and that no matter how steep my learning curve, I’m one of the lucky few to even have a shot. X


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